Monday, June 29, 2015

Professional field of interest

Civil and Commercial Contracts are my field of research interest, as well as their effects. Indeed, process of formation of contract in Colombia and some related issues have been worked for 6 years as a doctoral dissertation. Because some civil law countries have old fashion codes, as Colombia, it is necessary to analyze if this classic regulation is out of date or requires to be adapted to the new realities. Since our society is living a new economical model based in the massive production, contracts must be ajusted to this new reality and face new problems as protection of trust,  binding effect of the advertising and offer, precontractual liability, paper of precontractual declaration of the consent, and other aspects.

While I was focusing my research interest in the contract's formation, I was studding autonomy of the will, audiences in the procedural law, Consumer law, access to genetic resources, and Colombian regulation of copyright.

Because in the near future I want to compare Colombia's process of formation and common law's process, nowadays my professional develop requires to gather information and knowledge about Common law's discussions related with these process, including main topics as consideration, battle of forms, mail box rule, and other relevant issues from north-american case law.

     To sum up, understanding the magical moment when the agreement becomes in a contract is my main issue of attention.

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  1. Fredy, thank you for uploading your research statement. It is well-written! I will give you some sample statements so that you can get a better idea of how to write an effective research statement.

    There are some language issues. For example,"Civil and Commercial Contracts are my field of research interest, as well as their effects." is your topic sentence. You can make it sound stronger by changing it to "My research interests focus on civil and commercial contracts as well as their effects on people's lives." Your sentences are grammatically correct, but do not sound strong enough.