Tuesday, June 30, 2015

by Javier Olarte

I have focused on invaluable power of the images and its knowledge, indeed I have been working on it over the past five years. It is that motive me to improve, to discover ways to understand the  images produced by children, how to feel and understand them, what is the meaning, its significance.  While I explore more kind of images, I found more facts reasons to put them in the scientific context, in other words images get the same communicative power than the words. When I talk about images,  I do not speak to images like digital images from the television or computer, I refer to draws,  artistic images, grafitis,  scrawling writing, scribble, illegible lines, doodle; figurative and expressionism abstract that must to get near us because its communicate without we understand them.   

My previous research was about 4 years kid´s drawing, their draws and doodles to analyze them; a trip through children world. Before the kids express ideas through the oral way, they talk with images. Despite of, we do not stop to  repair in them, as adults we only think in that fact that the kids draw as a game, or entertainment but we never think in that like a communicative action or way.  It was a amazing conclusion that I found as a result. 

To sum, at this time of my professional career, my primary interests are around image, moving image, how the image has an impact on culture and social context. In the immediate future I would like to work with Universidad de las Artes in Guayaquil Ecuador, because they have a deep process working with children in a special art project development, all their kids study art in the early childhood bringing with this another way to develop the knowledge. 

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