Friday, June 26, 2015

Dear Sunyung,
I send you the paragraph corrected:

                                            The event that changed my life
 The most important event that changed my life a lot was my trip to Barcelona.
After I finished my college, I was eager to live and to study in another country.
Nevertheless, I was worried because I had to leave my family and live alone. My family
advised me that I should be tranquil and did not worry because I would have a lot of
new experiences. Consequently, I decided to undertake the trip to Barcelona with the support of my family. Indeed, I lived some new experiences in this city. I discovered amazing places, met new people, ate delicious foods. I studied things that were new to me. For example, I observed the incredible architecture designed by Gaudi, “Catalan modernism”. I met Antoni Tapies, the famous conceptual artist. I learned to cook Paella, the traditional food of Spain.  I read books of Miguel de Unamuno, the philosopher of pessimism. I lived in Barcelona for five years and I think than in this period of time I learned so many things. That trip was an unforgettable experience because I could learn to live and understand other cultures. The behavior of the people depends on the different sites and of the idiosyncrasies of the each country. Definitely, Barcelona influenced all my life, taste, culture, and knowledge.

Ricardo Daza

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  1. Ricardo, we discussed your paragraph in class last Friday. You did an excellent job!