Tuesday, June 30, 2015

by Javier Olarte

I have focused on invaluable power of the images and its knowledge, indeed I have been working on it over the past five years. It is that motive me to improve, to discover ways to understand the  images produced by children, how to feel and understand them, what is the meaning, its significance.  While I explore more kind of images, I found more facts reasons to put them in the scientific context, in other words images get the same communicative power than the words. When I talk about images,  I do not speak to images like digital images from the television or computer, I refer to draws,  artistic images, grafitis,  scrawling writing, scribble, illegible lines, doodle; figurative and expressionism abstract that must to get near us because its communicate without we understand them.   

My previous research was about 4 years kid´s drawing, their draws and doodles to analyze them; a trip through children world. Before the kids express ideas through the oral way, they talk with images. Despite of, we do not stop to  repair in them, as adults we only think in that fact that the kids draw as a game, or entertainment but we never think in that like a communicative action or way.  It was a amazing conclusion that I found as a result. 

To sum, at this time of my professional career, my primary interests are around image, moving image, how the image has an impact on culture and social context. In the immediate future I would like to work with Universidad de las Artes in Guayaquil Ecuador, because they have a deep process working with children in a special art project development, all their kids study art in the early childhood bringing with this another way to develop the knowledge. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Professional field of interest

Civil and Commercial Contracts are my field of research interest, as well as their effects. Indeed, process of formation of contract in Colombia and some related issues have been worked for 6 years as a doctoral dissertation. Because some civil law countries have old fashion codes, as Colombia, it is necessary to analyze if this classic regulation is out of date or requires to be adapted to the new realities. Since our society is living a new economical model based in the massive production, contracts must be ajusted to this new reality and face new problems as protection of trust,  binding effect of the advertising and offer, precontractual liability, paper of precontractual declaration of the consent, and other aspects.

While I was focusing my research interest in the contract's formation, I was studding autonomy of the will, audiences in the procedural law, Consumer law, access to genetic resources, and Colombian regulation of copyright.

Because in the near future I want to compare Colombia's process of formation and common law's process, nowadays my professional develop requires to gather information and knowledge about Common law's discussions related with these process, including main topics as consideration, battle of forms, mail box rule, and other relevant issues from north-american case law.

     To sum up, understanding the magical moment when the agreement becomes in a contract is my main issue of attention.

Friday, June 26, 2015

My family changed my life
     I have to son, my first child Jhonatan have twenty two years old, he is gentleman, the consent a lot of to my. He is tranquil, loving whit me. He not only study, he too is sportsman. He finisch the scholl in December, 2015. He want study magister out the Colombia. I love is very important for my, to miss him. We speak everydays. To be well-connected my son and my husband
Dear Sunyung,
I send you the paragraph corrected:

                                            The event that changed my life
 The most important event that changed my life a lot was my trip to Barcelona.
After I finished my college, I was eager to live and to study in another country.
Nevertheless, I was worried because I had to leave my family and live alone. My family
advised me that I should be tranquil and did not worry because I would have a lot of
new experiences. Consequently, I decided to undertake the trip to Barcelona with the support of my family. Indeed, I lived some new experiences in this city. I discovered amazing places, met new people, ate delicious foods. I studied things that were new to me. For example, I observed the incredible architecture designed by Gaudi, “Catalan modernism”. I met Antoni Tapies, the famous conceptual artist. I learned to cook Paella, the traditional food of Spain.  I read books of Miguel de Unamuno, the philosopher of pessimism. I lived in Barcelona for five years and I think than in this period of time I learned so many things. That trip was an unforgettable experience because I could learn to live and understand other cultures. The behavior of the people depends on the different sites and of the idiosyncrasies of the each country. Definitely, Barcelona influenced all my life, taste, culture, and knowledge.

Ricardo Daza

John's paragraph

One important event in my life

One important event in my life is to take part in outdoor running races. 2 years ago I began to take part in races, mostly 10K races. In the first races I ended with several pain in the foots, sometimes with some ampoule. I think that these are like battle wounds, but after learn how to run now I have fewer wounds after a race. In my first race I was very excited, this was a gorgeous experience. There is a lot of people taking part in this and I remember that the atmosphere felt wonderful. If I am enrolled in a race, then I will try to do an especial workout several weeks before the run. When I have done this I have felt more vigorous.  Now I have participated in more than eight races and became addict to these events. To sum up, I think that take part in races is great for everyone, is a wonderful experience. I recommend it to all, maybe after some race one of us can win a marathon, like an Ethiopian. 
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Sunday, June 21, 2015