Friday, June 26, 2015

John's paragraph

One important event in my life

One important event in my life is to take part in outdoor running races. 2 years ago I began to take part in races, mostly 10K races. In the first races I ended with several pain in the foots, sometimes with some ampoule. I think that these are like battle wounds, but after learn how to run now I have fewer wounds after a race. In my first race I was very excited, this was a gorgeous experience. There is a lot of people taking part in this and I remember that the atmosphere felt wonderful. If I am enrolled in a race, then I will try to do an especial workout several weeks before the run. When I have done this I have felt more vigorous.  Now I have participated in more than eight races and became addict to these events. To sum up, I think that take part in races is great for everyone, is a wonderful experience. I recommend it to all, maybe after some race one of us can win a marathon, like an Ethiopian. 

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  1. John, I like your revised paragraph. Wonderful job!