Friday, June 26, 2015

My family changed my life
     I have to son, my first child Jhonatan have twenty two years old, he is gentleman, the consent a lot of to my. He is tranquil, loving whit me. He not only study, he too is sportsman. He finisch the scholl in December, 2015. He want study magister out the Colombia. I love is very important for my, to miss him. We speak everydays. To be well-connected my son and my husband

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  1. Dora, I really enjoyed reading your work. A sentence cannot be a title. Thus, it is better to change your current title. A title should be a word or a phrase.

    Also, the topic sentence needs to be strong. If you use your current title (My family changed my life), it can be a good topic sentence.

    Overall, well-done!